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Back to Dominance and a Milestone in Development

The third round of the Friday GT Sprint Challenge organized by Racing Club International takes us to the British Isles for a 60 minute action packed race around the famous Oulton Park circuit. With elevation changes and curves resembling ones of a rollercoaster track, racing 30 GT3 cars around would prove to be a great watch for any spectator as well as a new challenge for the drivers straying away from the run-off heavy circuits these machines usually dominate. Once again Aenore Rose challenges for the victory in the Pro split while Ruby Acosta further improves her craft in the Silver split.

Aenore was unstoppable throughout the entire race day, clocking in blazingly fast laps during practice and setting a convincing pole time in the qualifying session as her effort would come out with a 01:31.872 – nearly a half second clear of second place driver Joshua Allan! Ruby would find herself getting into a groove as well, but yet another invalidated lap at the last moment would only net her seventh with a 01:33.532. Her invalidated lap would have given her the first pole position of her career as it potentially would have been a 33 flat!

Leading the pack of Pro contenders Aenore found herself unchallenged right from the get-go whilst chaos unfolded behind with a massive multi-car accident occurring at the tight and tricky Shell Oils Corner. While multiple drivers found themselves on their roof and in the gravel trap the #56 Queens’ Design driver breezed through the 60 minute affair, setting the fastest lap and not giving Joshua Allan any signs of relenting her lead!

Jumping over those treacherous curbs and testing the absolute limit of the Pirellis Aenore went without a challenge throughout the rest of the day, crossing the line as the first woman to win a Friday GT Sprint Challenge race and keeping the French winning streak alive as the third consecutive French winner of the series. It was reminiscent of her domination in the Diamond Drive Cup, pulling off the perfect weekend and coming away with perfect points whilst she slots herself 2nd in the championship standings.

Ruby started the race emphatically in the Silver split as she immediately picked up a few spots in the opening stages of the race, springing into action at the start and capitalizing on mistakes from the drivers in front. Her pace would shine through as she caught up to the top three battling for the lead, sticking close to third and waiting on her chance to pounce. Opting for the undercut she would find herself in front of the previous race leader, potentially challenging for the race win. Ruby would encounter herself getting involved in an incident however, suffering a dive bomb on the inside of turn 10 and spinning around to a stop. Determined to make a recovery charge to at least achieve her first podium, she held onto a car ailing from pressure loss issues after third place had an accident that took them out of the race. Struggling to keep the car steady through the fast twists of Oulton Park she would ultimately survive and cross the line third, grabbing her first podium in the series and steadily improving her results throughout the season.

Fortunately, Queens’ Design find themselves exiting the United Kingdom for the next round. Unfortunately, it’s at the Misano World Circuit in Italy for a scorching hot day that could prove to be a big issue for managing tire wear. No matter where we go however we are proud to represent our cause and to see our supporters every step of the way. We hope to see everyone at our next race and wishing for the best result come next Friday.

(text by Ruby Acosta, picture by Aenore Rose)


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