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Queens’ Design Further Delves Into Stock Car Racing in the HTL Cup Series

The pink and white Chevrolet Camaro of Callie Heydt at Daytona Road Course, with the night lights shining and turning to the right.

After participating in the ABN Adminboxx Cup Series for the first oval racing outing for the team, Callie Heydt and Ruby Acosta will team up together to tackle Season 3 of the HTL Cup Series in the #66 Chevrolet Camaro. The pair are currently tackling a part time schedule as they share the car, with Ruby Acosta taking over the #66 for Fontana, Road America, Indianapolis, Myrtle Beach, Milwaukee, Darlington and Bristol. Callie will attempt to do the full season as she wi

ll have to qualify on pace for every race due to being an non-chartered entry. Despite not qualifying for the season opener at Daytona, Callie Heydt wound up impressing once the second round using the infield road course came along. Qualifying 14th, she was one of the 5 non-chartered cars to make the main event. After surviving a hectic race, the Queens’ Design car crossed the line 7th. Homestead-Miami was another relative success, as the #66 car once again made the main event in 12th place. Unfortunately the race wasn’t to plan as Callie finished multiple laps down in 29th. As of September 20th, Pocono is the next round on the calendar. Callie will attempt to put the car on the starting grid for next Monday’s race before handing over the driving duties to Ruby Acosta as she travels out of the country. You can follow all of the action on Arrow Broadcasting Network’s Twitch page at, and keep up to date with our drivers Callie on Twitter @CalliexKills and Ruby @m4ik0heart for any further updates on their schedules!


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