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Queens' Design goes to VCO x LFM FLExTREME!


We are excited to finally be able to reveal that we have been invited to race in the

VCO x LFM FLExTREME championship! This is a new championship that aims to bring simracing more in touch with esports with an innovative format, prize pool and balance of performance.

Team list for the three grids in VCO x LFM FLExTREME
Victoire has somehow doubled herself and is pointing at Queens' Design being in Cash Grid of VCO x LFM FLExTREME Series.
Look, it's us in the Cash Grid!

As you can see above on the team list for the Cash Grid, we will be in fierce company in the middle of some of the biggest names in the sport. The competition will be extremely tough for a small outfit such as ourselves; nevertheless we fully intend to do our best to punch above our weight.

Each race requires three drivers and as such all our drivers will be taking part, with Aenore and Mia looking to be permanent fixtures while April and Ruby take turns.

The calendar is as follows:

- November 18th: Draft Show*

- November 26th: Round 1 at Circuit of the Americas, GT3, 9 hours

- December 18th: Round 2 at Monza, GT3, 9 hours

- January 7th: Round 3 at Barcelona or Paul Ricard, Porsche 992 Cup, 6 hours

- January 21st: Round 4 at Spa, GT3, 9 hours

- February 4th: Round 5 at Barcelona or Paul Ricard, BMW M2 CS Racing Cup, 6 hours

- February 18th: Round 6 at Watkins Glen, GT3, 9 hours

*The Draft Show is a pre-season event where teams choose their GT3 car live.

The starting grid for each round will be determined by a three stages one-lap shootout qualifying, with every team required to use a different driver for each stage.

40 cars will start Q1, a maximum of 25 cars will start Q2 and a maximum of 15 cars will start Q3.

If the flying lap a team is on is invalidated, the team cannot progress to the next qualifying stage. However, they may choose to use a joker, granting them a second try. This joker is one-time use only for the whole season; making it extremely valuable.

Needless to say this should be a show on its own!

The goal of having two rounds be single make races is to serve as an equalizer and to mitigate the impact of the GT3 balance of performance in the event that it is not precise enough despite the popularity formula applied during the Draft Show.

This championship features an innovative way of distributing its 10 000€ prize pool. While it will award a part of that sum to the three podium crews in the standings as is usual, the top 15 of every race will receive prize money. Further, in every race there are prize incentives which will be awarded by the organizers for on track actions such as best pass, fastest lap, best save, or most positions gained.

You can get involved on social media with the hashtag #FLExTREME and by tagging @vcoesports (Twitter and Instagram) and @lfmotorsports (Twitter) @lowfuelmotorsport (Instagram). Of course, don't forget to tag us as well at @QueensEsport (Twitter) @QueensDesign (Cohost)!

(text by Aenore Rose)


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