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The hot streak continues at Hungaroring!

Our amazing form continued onto the 2nd round of the Racing Club International Diamond Drive Cup with yet another 1-2-3-5 occurring when the checkered flag flew at Hungary. Aenore Rose topped the timing charts once again with an impressive 1:42.850, Mia Rose following right behind and starting right next to her in 2nd with a 1:43.355 and Kainé Luna closely trailing with a 1:43.697. Ruby Acosta went one better from last time with a 1:44.490 that placed her 5th on the grid.

With the green flag waving, Mia surprised everyone with a deep dive into turn 1 that enabled her to get past Aenore, making the pole sitter line up right behind. The battle raged on in the following minutes, with Aenore trying her best to look for a way past the Australian. Kainé was interlocked in a battle with Sara Dove for 4th, holding off a charging Nicole Fox as well until finally landing a perfect pass into turn 1 after Dove had gone wide in the final corner. Ruby had been overtaken by Fox in the early stages of the race but stuck right to her rear wing, not letting her out of her sight.

Mia relinquished her lead to take her mandatory stop, but a small mistake leaving her pit box cost her first place after the cycle and was unable to regain the lead from Aenore through the course of the race. Kainé managed the gap from Dove and stuck closely to the leading duo throughout the final half hour. Ruby was awarded 5th place after Nicole Fox was hit with a stop-and-go penalty, enabling her to continue catching Sara in 4th.

Aenore consistently held the lead and finished with yet another win to her record. Mia followed closely behind, unfortunately missing out on the win but with a fantastic performance nonetheless. Kainé slotted into 3rd to take the final podium position, locking out the podium twice in a row for Queens’ Design! Ruby was nearly there to make it a complete 1-2-3-4, but once again came up short by a second once again; she finished 5th.

It was unlucky to not have come up with the top 4 sweep this weekend, but there are still 4 more rounds in this championship to achieve it. With the next round at Silverstone, we will try again, hoping to improve on an already amazing result.

(Text by Ruby Acosta, pictures by Mia Rose)


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