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The Queens' Design launch

Picture of the Queens' Design BMW M4 GT3

And we go green!

We are super excited to finally be able to unveil the Queens' Design. Queens' Design is our vision on how to drive change in an esports racing landscape that has so far been, at best, masquerading its diversity and inclusivity. We intend to be the beacon in the sport which will bring an audience that has been consciously ignored and excluded, and that will captivate part of the already present audience by setting itself apart from other outfits.

To accomplish this, we want to be a team that is driven by its fans. Through our personal sponsors program, anybody can become a supporter of the team and receive exclusive gifts and perks showing that they took part in the Queens' Design. Head to the Sponsors page to learn more!

We will show that in esports racing, marginalized people such as women, GSRM and BIPOC individuals are not merely here for show as diversity hires, but can and WILL take it to the best of the best should they be provided with the right opportunities to evolve and the right environment.

How it started

The team is the result of driver and team manager Aenore Rose (SRO Esports America GT4 champion, ex Jean Alesi eSports Academy) coming together with Mia Rose (2x SRO Esports Asia winner, ex Jean Alesi eSports Academy), Ruby Acosta (eNASCAR Pro League draft prospect) and Kainé Luna to form an outfit that aims to compete at the highest level.

After several negative and predatory experiences trying to integrate into already existing teams, we have concluded that forming our own would be the best course of action to promote and point a spotlight at changes that are sorely needed in the sport.

Our bold aesthetic centered around a bright pink car is a statement of intention : it's everything we are told does not belong in motorsport, everything we are told is not accepted or acceptable, up to and including the drivers in that car. "Enough" we say, it's high time these mentalities were confined to the bins of History.

Speaking of drivers, here is what our drivers had to say about getting the team revealed:

Aenore : "I've had this idea in my mind for quite a bit of time now, not acting on it due to thinking it wouldn't work out or that it'd be on a shoestring budget and thus not doable. Following several disappointments though I figure that if no one else will come up with something similar, it might as well be us. It's gonna be hard, no doubt, but I'm confident we can have a positive impact on the sport."

Mia : "The idea of this team is what many other esport teams have done, but QD is doing in the right way by making a team by and for women, GSRM and BIPOC people. The team will have growing pains and we'll definitely have to work through them, but once we do, I really do think we'll be a game changer in the industry as a whole. My experience in esports has sort of been short but the experience, accolades and the image I have to the public could be a strong asset for us that other teams seem to not want or do want but really undervalue what I offer. I really hope that us 4 can give this team the spotlight it deserves in the near future."

Ruby : "My past experience with professional sim racing was so poor I nearly gave it all up, but with Aenore starting up Queens’ Design I knew this would be my lucky break. When going up the ranks in sim racing myself there was never any representation for people like myself in the upper tiers, so it was insanely intimidating to try and fend for myself. Not only do I hope to improve and bring good results for the team but I also want to set an example for others, someone that I would look up to years ago. Queens’ Design is a team where I can do just that."

Kainé : "I used to race in smaller community leagues in the past and the environment in those was always the most unfriendly towards women, especially towards LGBTQIA+ people with sexist, homophobic, and transphobic jokes being casually thrown around each day. After finding my identity as a woman I felt like I wouldn't be welcome anymore or even be harassed by people I once used to know and that fear drove me away from any competitive sim racing for many years. Queens' Design will bring much needed representation to the scene and being part of such a supportive team is exactly what I needed to be able to have fun again in sim racing and I hope our presence can help others feel welcome to the sport as well."

What next?

To start its journey, Queens' Design will be tackling Racing Club International's Diamond Drive Cup organized on Assetto Corsa Competizione. It is a series established on the initiative of Charlie Martin (Praga driver who aims to be the first transgender woman to compete at the 24 Hours of Le Mans), designed to promote marginalized people in esports racing. We consider it to be a good launching point for the team and a good warm-up before the big championships start again in 2022. We will be providing livestreaming of those races and we hope to see you then!


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