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Two Makes Trouble - Two New QD Drivers!

Callie Baigent's Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo going through turn 3 at Zolder photographed from the rear. It is pink with matte black and glossy white accents.

With the team coming out fresh from our campaign in VCO x LFM FLExTREME in the Nissan GT-R GT3, we now prepare for the next season of SimGrid’s More Female Racers powered by Mercedes-AMG now utilizing the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo with the five round two race format staying the same from Season 5. Along with our preparations for the next season, we have bolstered our driver roster with two new exciting additions to Queens’ Design! Both drivers will make their debut in the first round of More Female Racer as they hit the ground running flying the bright pink colors.

Profile picture of Paige Morton

Paige Morton (she/her) makes up the first half of the newcomers, an American who enjoys multiple different sim racing games throughout multiple racing disciplines. Her biggest achievement to date is progressing to the finals of the eNASCAR Ignite Series in 2019, making her the second driver in Queens’ Design to have involvement in eNASCAR competition! Despite her relative lack of experience in competition, she doesn’t seem to have any problems on the pace side of things as she has already been impressive with her testing in Assetto Corsa Competizione! Paige is also known for being a rapid rally racer, coming out on top in many different community leagues in DiRT Rally 2.0. She has a bright future ahead of her as she’ll receive tons of support on top of her already impressive skill set and could turn out to be one of sim racing’s hidden gems!

I've been following Queens' Design since their inception and have always quietly hoped to be able to join someday, so I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity, and I hope to not disappoint!

Profile picture of Callie Baigent

Callie Baigent (she/her), hailing from England, has already made her impact recently, grabbing a win at the Screen to Speed show at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the final lap of the first heat. With her infamous “traffic” quote right after the win she’s sure to be a memorable character on and off the track. Alongside this achievement she also races for Agent Ink Racing in multiple Arrow Broadcasting Network affiliated series including the ABN Champ Car World Series. She also brings along her support from Agent Ink Racing. More Female Racers will be her first outing in Assetto Corsa Competizione as she learns the ropes of a new game and gets familiar with multiple different circuits, but her race craft is not something to ignore from this fiery Brit!

fuck bitches, get money I’m hoping to be able to translate my racecraft and experience from different sims into the More Female Racers season and provide some good quality racing.

These two drivers will race in Simgrid's More Female Racers powered by Mercedes-AMG, alongside fellow Queens’ Design teammate Ruby Acosta who looks to improve on her silver runner-up result from last season. Season 2 and 5 pro champion Aenore Rose will coordinate the three of them while defending her title.

Stay tuned for more plans down the line, as this now opens up new opportunities to expand our reach in the sim racing world!

(text by Ruby Acosta, header picture by Aenore Rose)


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