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Introducing: Whalenap Designs

Zoomed in picture of the headlight area of the Queens' Design Corvette C8R, focusing on a Whalenap Designs logo

We are delighted to announce that we have signed our first sponsorship deal with someone who has been supporting us behind the scenes since the inception of the team: Whalenap Designs!

Whalenap is a livery designer specializing on Assetto Corsa Competizione, with services ranging from customized versions of his original works to full on unique designs tailored to his clients' needs.

His website states: "We live in an age when video games are only gaining in popularity. At the very heart of recreational video entertainment, Sim Racing, which is also increasingly open to the public, is distinguished by a public passionate about the game as well as the world of motor racing. Whalenap Designs takes the bet that tomorrow each virtual driver will drive a personalized car. Some will opt for a visual reminiscent of a legendary style, present or past ... Some will want a modern aggressive appearance, or sober and distinguished, or even original and asymmetrical ... Whalenap Designs creates complete identities for your virtual cars, always in a very "racing" spirit with the aim of offering visuals that could be encountered in real-life motorsports."

Picture of the Queens' Design BMW M4 GT3 from the front, entering turn 3 at Zolder

Aenore Rose: "Signing our first corporate sponsor is a huge milestone for the team, and I'm very happy that we get to do that with someone who has been a supporter of Queens' Design and its ideals since day one."

Laurent Marill, the face behind Whalenap Designs: "Whether it's for their talent, their friendliness, or more generally the strength of the Queens' Design concept, this is the team we want to support. To see the Whalenap Designs name associated with their athletic drive for the upcoming season is a great source of pride."

Check out Whalenap Designs at

Picture of a livery created by Whalenap Designs: the Team Redline Lamborghini Huracan GT3

Picture of a livery created by Whalenap Designs: the Vaillante McLaren 720S GT3


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